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About Us

Gringo Star Guitar is a small family business comprised of classical guitar instructor Brent Weaver, his wife Ann Hansen-Weaver, and their son Toby Hansen.

Brent and Ann at Ben Garcia's home in Paracho

Our guitars come from the small mountain town of Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico where the tradition of guitar making spans many generations. We have chosen some of Mexico's best luthiers to build our guitars


We first came to Paracho in 2008. We were impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the luthiers. We return each year to see how our guitars are progressing and to continue to enjoy the warmth and hospitality of our friends.

Views of Paracho

Guitar making in Paracho has reached a very high level. We find Mexican guitars have distinct qualities that set them apart from other guitar makers. They tend to have a big boomy lower range, and a sweet sustain in the upper register. Many of the Luthiers use variations of bracing patterns modeled after the greatest European guitars such as Torres, Hauser, Friedrich, Rodriguez and Ramirez.


Brent plays each guitar to ensure high quality, good tone and intonation, proper set up, and solid construction.

We carry both student and concert models from the smallest child size to adult.

Brent with his students

When you buy a Gringo Star Guitar, everyone wins! You end up with a great sounding, well-crafted instrument and you are helping to keep the craft of Mexican luthiers alive.



Gringo Star Guitar is Green!


We send our guitars in sturdy bicycle boxes and pack them in recycled packing material. Also, Brent often transports the guitars to the post office with his bike and trailer.

  • We ship them Priority Mail through the USPS.

  • Once payment is received, your guitar will be shipped and will generally arrive 

within 2-3 business days.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: Extreme cold can damage our guitars. We DO NOT ship when the temperature falls below 20 degrees. (This is only an issue during January and February)

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