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Determine Your Child's Size

Many manufactures go by 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and full size. This system can mean many different things depending on who built the guitar. The neck width, body size, and depth can vary a lot on the same scale guitar.


At Gringo Star, we go by centimeters for the scale (length of the string) which is more accurate and has more possibilities for proper sizing for your child.



Use this sizing chart to help you figure out the size you will need:

Sizing Chart

Measure from the floor to the belly button.

Your measurement will be on the left, in inches.

The size guitar you will need is on the right, in centimeters.

24-26 in = 45 cm 

28.5 in = 50 cm 

33.5 in = 55 cm

35.5 in = 59-60 cm 

36.75 in = 62-63 cm

Higher = 64-65 cm (full size)

Once you determine your child's size, contact us for price and availability

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