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Taking Care of Your New Guitar

handmade guitar requires special attention. It is important to be a careful when handling a musical instrument.


Here are a few guidelines based on our observations:

  • Teach your child how to respect the guitar and how to walk and sit with it

  • When opening the case, set the case flat on the floor

  • With a young child, it’s best to have the parent take the guitar out and put back in the case

  • Do not let your child sit or stand on the guitar OR on the case with the guitar inside

  • Keep your guitar in the case when not in use

  • Make sure the case is latched before you pick it up

  • Don’t leave it on the guitar stand when not practicing

  • Don’t hang it on the wall

  • Do not sit on the case or put heavy objects on it

  • Don’t leave it in your car

  • Avoid extreme hot/cold temperatures

  • Keep the guitar away from heat vents and out of sunlight

  • In warm weather, keep it away from air conditioning vents

  • Do not keep it in your car in hot weather

  • When traveling or shipping, loosen the strings

  • When the furnace comes on in cold weather, put a humidifier in the guitar.


If the humidity drops below 50%,

please use a Humidifier

If you live in a dry climate or have dry winters, we strongly suggest you use a humidifier to maintain proper moisture level.

We recommend you order from:


Your teacher may suggest you use fractional sized guitar strings for small guitars. A variety of these strings can be found at 

We use D-Adario Strings on all of our guitars. 

For sizes 45cm-60cm, we use:

  • Pro Arte EJ 44 Exra-Hard Tension

For sizes 62cm-65cm, we use:

  • Pro Arte EJ 46 Hard Tension

We recommend Strings By Mail for books, music, footstools, and electronic tuners.

Go to or your locally owned music retailer.

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